Life Transitions

“Dr. Wilkes has a heart of gold and I highly recommend her for grief counseling! She truly understood my deep grief after losing my daughter, as she also lost a child. I found out that life transitions can be overwhelming experiences and it can take some time to adjust to changes in our lives, I felt truly blessed that Dr. Wilkes was there for me. Sadness over a loss is normal and everyone takes a different and unique path to navigate grief, but Dr. Wilkes was the right choice for me to share with.

She has a sweet, loving, and caring presence about her and is a compassionate listener who can hold a non-judgmental space for people to share their beliefs, desires, and concerns.

“There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Wilkes for her help and encouragement and giving me HOPE to face the future!” -Donna  L.

Dr. Kimber Wilkes~ 

As a young girl, Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes knew she wanted to participate
in people’s lives in a profound way.

Wisely she followed the yearnings of her youthful heart and graduated from seminary school, ordained as a Non-Denominational officiant and on to receive her doctorate.

Warm and sensitive by nature, she sees helping others as a deeply personal statement.

In business since 1985, Kimber Lee genuinely loves her work, considering it her joyful calling.

Along with seeing adults in private practice, she have provided individual and group therapy for over 35  years, holding different degrees, including a doctorate in religious studies, Psychology, and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Wilkes also certified as a trained in coaching “From Grief to Gratitude” and hold a “Life Coach Certification” as well.

  • She performs initial evaluations of client needs and develop customized treatment plans.
  • Educate clients on stress and trauma coping mechanisms.
  • Provide individuals with the resources they need to reach personal goals.
  • Monitor client progress and modify their treatment plans as needed.
  • Coordinate with health and community outreach programs to provide clients with needed services.
  • She works with individuals offering them guidance and support as individuals, family members, couples assisting then to overcome mental health problems like grief, personality or anxiety disorders.
  • Learn about the types of grief, the grieving process, broken heart syndrome, and more.


"Grief is expressed by people, not defined by a process."


"See Yourself in a different Light!"

"Let's Heal your Heart together!"


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